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    I can see that we are able to look at the number of clicks or page views on the main page of a campaign in the reporting function.

    However, it would be very helpful to see how many people clicked on links contained within a microsite page.

    For example, if I wanted to check the stats figures from a recent campaign, I can see the number of page views or clicks and unique clicks on a particular page.

    However, many of our campaigns are multi-page emails - they have a main/front page with various links to inclusive microsite pages. It's these microsite pages, which are also of importance (they are, after all, part of the same campaign) as they contain links to other pages and our website. Although it's useful to know the click-throughs on the main page, the click-throughs emanating from the microsite pages are also fundamental as they show the journey of readers - the most popular pages viewed.

    It's a thorough look at what readers are viewing and gives a more realistic and precise representation and breakdown of statistics.

    It’s a tool which I think would be a extremely useful for marketing and in-depth campaign analysis; it maybe something for Dotmailer to look into in terms of further development. 




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    Hi Fareeha - you can do this with Page Tracking if your account type supports it. See for more information. If you need further help, feel free to contact us or post a question over at