Setting an address book as private or public


You can set address books to be private or public (newly created address book's are private by default).

A private address book won't be visible to your contacts when making use of your preference centre, which means they won't be able to sign up or unsubscribe themselves from it.

A public address book, however, is visible in your preference centre. This allows contacts to choose which of your communications they wish to unsubscribe from (known as opting down as opposed to opting out), helping to avoid mass unsubscription from everything you send.

Remember – setting an address book's status to public means your contacts will see the name of it, so make sure the name is sensible and presentable!

Setting an address book as private or public

You can set an address book as private by going to your address book list under Contacts > My contacts. Click on the Properties icon alongside the address book you'd like to change.

You will be taken to the 'Edit address book' screen. Underneath the 'Description' field is the 'Visibility' section, where you can select whether the address book is public or private.


Click on the radio button next to 'Private (do not show in preference centre)' or 'Public (show in preference centre) and then click Save.

Changing an address book's visibility to private will immediately remove it from being shown in your preference centre.

Changing it to public will immediately make the address book visible in your preference centre and will allow contacts to join, or unsubscribe from, the address book.


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    When an address book is created via a geographical query this address book automatically is made public, not private, and there isn't an option on creation to make sure it is private. Is there a way to amend this on creation or a setting we can apply to automatically make them private?


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    Hi Lucy. Thanks for flagging this. I believe address books created from a geographical query should be created as private, not public, so I've submitted this request to our development team. Hopefully they can change it very soon.

    In the meantime, the only option to get around this currently would be to edit the address book straight after its creation and manually change its visibility.

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