Automation - an overview

What is automation?

Automation is a powerful tool that lets you set up actions that happen in the future. By letting automation take care of your repetitive tasks, you save time, which you can use for more creative tasks.

To start using automation, click Automation in the navigation bar. Automation includes the following menu items:

My programs: A graphical interface (called the program builder) that allows you to automate your workflow without writing a single line of code.

Triggered campaign content: A graphical interface (called EasyEditor) that allows you to create email campaigns that can be used for automation.

Default auto responder: A page that allows you to select a triggered email campaign to automatically send to recipients who reply to any of your email campaigns.

What can I automate?

We offer built-in automation options as well as program channel extensions, which let you communicate with your contacts through different platforms and different channels. Here are some examples of what you can automate with the program builder:

Actions on our platform

Communication through different platforms and different channels

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