Adding columns and spacers to your campaign


EasyEditor lets you easily add columns and spacers to your campaign, giving you total control over its layout.

You'll find these in the 'Build' tab, in the 'Building blocks' section under the title 'Layout'.


We explain how to use the blocks below.

Using the 'Columns' block

Drag and drop the 'Columns' block into your campaign. The 'Settings' side panel will open up.

Here you can:

  • select the number of columns you want for the block; there are default options for one, two, three and four, or you can set a custom amount if you wish (up to a maximum of 16)
  • if you're using a classic template, you'll have the extra option to set the pixel space between columns 


Clicking on the header of any 'Columns' block already in the campaign will also open up the 'Settings' side panel.

Using the 'Spacer' block

Drag and drop the 'Spacer' block into your campaign. It will initially be 10 pixels high (if it's not, see the note below on old-style spacers in your campaign).

Clicking on the spacer will open the 'Settings' side panel. Here you can:

  • adjust the spacer's height; there are some default options available to click on, or you can set a custom height


Please note: the 'Columns' and 'Spacer' blocks were introduced as of 6th January 2016's upgrade. If you have old-style spacers in your campaign already, new spacers added will default to the most commonly used height, and the default options will alter accordingly to reflect this. For example, if your most common spacer is eight pixels, then the default options will become four, eight and 12 pixels respectively.

The 'Columns' block changes are also compatible with any older, existing column blocks you may already have in a campaign.
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