How to add an email signup button to your Facebook page


Adding the button
Editing your button


You can add a button to your Facebook page that will allow visitors to subscribe to your campaigns, making them a contact.


You will need:

  1. A Facebook business account
  2. A page that contains a dotmailer signup form. This could be our standard form hosted on your site or on a landing page, a form made with our surveys and forms tool, or one you've made and hosted yourself.

Adding the button

As Facebook processes change regularly, we recommend you follow the steps on Facebook's documentation.

However, in general you add the button by following these steps:

  1. Create the Facebook page you want to contain the button, or edit one of your existing Facebook pages. Read more about Facebook pages.
  2. Click Add a Button
  3. Choose Get in touch, followed by Sign Up
  4. Copy the link to the page that contains your signup form, and then paste it in the Add a website link field
  5. Click Add Button
  6. If you just created this page, you'll need to publish it before it can be seen by others. Do this by clicking Publish Page at the top of the page (although we recommend you follow the testing steps below before publishing).

Your Facebook page will now contain a 'Sign Up' button.


To make sure your button is working as expected:

  1. Hover over the button (ensuring you're signed into Facebook as the page's admin)
  2. Choose the Test button option
  3. The page with your signup form on should open in a new tab or window. If it doesn't, follow the steps below to edit your button

Editing your button

2017-06-05_11_05_13-My_sign-up_form_-_Home.pngTo change your button:

  1. Hover over the button (ensuring you're signed into Facebook as the page's admin)
  2. Choose the Edit button option
  3. On the window that appears, change the link as needed. If you want to change the type of button, hit the Back button.
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