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'Summary' tab
'Data fields' tab
'Insight data' tab
'Activity' tab


You can view and edit an individual contact's record by selecting Contacts from the navigation bar, finding the contact in the appropriate address book, and then clicking on the Edit icon next to them. 

You'll be taken to the 'Manage contact' page. This page provides a summary of your contact, with further tabs allowing you to view and edit their contact data field details, view their Insight data and view their overall activity.

'Summary' tab

This tab provides you with the key details about your contact.

It displays their email address and their default contact data field details.

There are also at-a-glance tiles that provide their subscription status, when the contact was created, their opt-in type, when they were last sent to, when they last opened an email, and, if they have one, their contact score. Mouse over the tiles to see more detail.

You can do the following here:

Edit the email address
Click on the email address to edit it. Once done, click on the tick to save it.

Edit personal details
A contact's personal details consist of their default contact data fields and any useful notes you may want to add. Simply click the fields and edit them. Once happy, click Save.

Edit 'Last subscribed' date
Mouse over the 'Status' tile and click on the 'Last subscribed' date to change it.

The side panel will appear, enabling you to make a change.

For more on 'Last subscribed date', read 'Establishing when a contact subscribed' »

Edit 'Opt-in type'
Mouse over the 'Opt-in type' tile and click on the opt-in type to change it. The side panel will appear, enabling you to make a change.

For more on opt-in types, read 'Explaining contact opt-in types' »

'Last send' and 'Last open' tiles

You can click on the 'Last send' and 'Last open' tabs to go directly through to the 'Campaigns' tab in the 'Activity' section and see the most recent campaigns you've sent to the contact, with their activity.

'Data fields' tab

This tab lists all of your contact data fields alphabetically, and, if you've organised them in such a way, it contains them within your folder structure. 

Simply click the fields and edit them, without forgetting to click the tick or hit Enter to save a change. 

Create a new contact data field

You can create a new contact data field in this section by clicking on New data field. The side panel will appear, enabling you to create a new one, as well as enabling you to enter an initial value for the contact upon creation.

For more on creating contact data fields, read 'Creating and deleting contact data fields' »

'Insight data' tab

This tab allows you to view the available records stored against a contact per Insight data collection.

Select a collection from the dropdown. Any records stored for the contact will be listed by key. Click on a record to view it.

You can also search for a record by key.

Please note: You can't edit Insight data via this section. Insight data can only be edited via the API.

For more on Insight data, read 'Using Insight data (non-developers' guide)' »

'Activity' tab

This tab allows you to view the activity history for the contact. It features four further tabs.

This lists which campaigns they've been sent and when, along with the number of opens, clicks and replies for each campaign.

Click on Date range to alter the time period covered (the default period is 30 days). 

Address books
This lists which address books they're currently subscribed to.

This lists which segments they're currently present in.

This lists the programs the contact has ever been enrolled in, including their last enrolled date, the date they exited it, the program outcome and the overall number of times they've been enrolled in the program.

Click on Date range to alter the time period covered (the default period is 30 days). 

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